Every device in your home is having a conversation

Every device has a unique energy signature. With the power of NILM. ML and AI, Raycon disaggregates the cumulative energy consumption data and identifies each of these signatures.

The Raycon Energy Meter reads your energy data through current sensors installed in your electrical panel. The current sensors read current and voltage in real time, per second.

Let's See Energy!

Every equipment has an energy pattern that it creates when it's turned on.
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It’s lit!

The light bulb initially draws more current and then stabilizes. This is recognised by Raycon as a resistive load.

NILM and Load Detection

Non Intrusive Load Monitoring (NILM) is a process of disaggregation and analyzing changes in the voltage and deducing what appliances are used in the house as well as their individual energy consumption.

How Raycon detects loads ?

Electrical data, including current, voltage, and power data, are obtained by Raycon. Change in the state of an appliance over time implies variations in power and current, which can be detected by Raycon. Appliances provide load signature information or features that can be used to distinguish one from another. Using the features previously identified, a classification procedure takes place to determine which appliances are operating at a specified time or period, and/or their states.

Load Disaggregation and how it helps Homeowners and Businesses ?

Load disaggregation opens new doors to energy efficiency gains and improved results for load control and demand response programs. The ability to use load disaggregation to break out discrete energy loads within homes and businesses and helps identify, locate inefficiencies, predict equipment failures and to simply help customers save money .

Raycon for Solar Generation Monitoring and Net Metering

Net Metering is an electricity billing mechanism that allows consumers who generate some or all of their own energy to use that energy anytime, instead of when it is generated. This is particularly important with renewable energy sources like wind and solar. Monthly net metering allows consumers to Earn and track credits, if any, for energy generated and supplied to the grid.

Let's get down to it.
Specifications Summary

With NILM technology the electronic signatures or voices emitted by the devices are sensed by Raycon via current sensors (CTs) clamped on the service mains in your homes and businesses’ Master Circuit Board (MCB).

Power Supply: 85 - 480V AC (Single Phase / Three Phase), 50/60Hz
Energy Meter Configuration Single Phase: 1-phase, 2-Wire, active neutral
Two Phase: 2-phase, 3-Wire, active neutral
Three Phase: 3-phase, 4-Wire, active neutral
Accuracy Class 2.0 (Active Energy), Class 2.0 (Apparent Energy)
Power Consumption < 2.0W
Maximum withstand voltage 528V AC
Maximum Impulse withstand +- 8kV (Air), +- 4kV (contact)
Max. current rating 60A 200A 600A
Inside hole diameter 13mm 24mm 36mm
Cable length 1.0 meter
Supported Protocols Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz) and BLE provisioning
Security TLS Secure encryption
Bandwidth use ~ 200MB per day
Ingress Protection IPX0 rating
Temperature Operating: 0 to 50
Storage: -20 to 70
Relative Humidity < 80%
Dimensions (W x H x D) 45mmX90mmX48.50mm (2-pole DIN-rail mounting)
Enclosure Plastic, ABS/PC Blend