Food & Beverage

Automating your Food and Beverage enterprise with Raycon helps in improving your performance and productivity while reducing the risk and keeping your customers happy. Raycon solutions result in better profitability and efficiency.


ImageCustomizable CMS

Multi location installations are delivered with a comprehensive and customizable Central Monitoring System to monitor and control multiple aspects of the business across locations.

ImageEnergy Management

Load detection and optimization through AI and ML.

ImagePreventive Maintenance

Accurate predictions in anomalies and failures of equipment by Raycon Energy Meters. This results in improved asset life and efficiency and savings through reduced downtime.

ImageAI and Analytics

Access to a variety of insights and analytics in real-time.

Measurable Results

Energy efficiency
and savings

Reduced Operating

Crew accountability

Enhanced equipment life.

Improved task
management/work flow
based on alerts.

Location based

AI and analytics

Diesel generator

Realtime weather impact
on energy.

Cross audit on
equipment usage.

ROI calculation


Monitoring of alternate
energy sources