RAYCON: Raycon enables energy visualization of your energy consumption in real-time with 99% accuracy. When installed in your electrical panel it analyses electric current data and displays it in detail on your Mobile App.

Visualize Energy

The Raycon Energy Meter enables real-time visualization of energy via an easy graphical representation of data.
User friendly app gives you an insight into real-time energy consumption and forecasts.

Energy Savings

Insight into where and how much energy is consumed enables in optimizing this usage and achieving efficiency and saving money.
Set and monitor budgets for energy consumption. Know how much energy is saved in real-time.

Compare Consumption Patterns

Compare energy usage by day, month, week, year or bill cycle.

Monitor Solar Generation

Install Raycon and increase your solar efficiency and save money with real-time monitoring. Log into the Raycon mobile app and check when it's the peak production hours to turn on your highest energy consuming appliances.
Get alerted instantly when there are faults, failures or abnormalities.

Net Metering

Earn and track credits, if any, for energy generated and supplied to the grid.

Track Savings and ROI

Realise and track your ROI on capital investment for energy generated through your solar panels.

Alternate Energy Sources

Monitor energy production from alternate sources like solar, windmill, power walls etc.

Track Device Level Consumption

Know which device is consuming energy through our proprietary AI, ML,NILM and Deep learning techniques. Keep track of high energy consuming devices.

Preventive Maintenance

Through the power of Machine Learning and Raycon AI engine stay notified in case of device malfunction or failures. Get alerts for any anomaly in device usage or functioning.


Raycon Energy Meter Syncs With® other IoT automation gateways, devices and voice assistants to give you control and a comprehensive energy management solution.

Syncs With®

Raycon Energy Meter integrates with Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant :

Raycon Energy Meter interprets the power usage and activity of devices in the home. The integration with Alexa and Google Assistant lets families become more aware of their energy use. They will now be able to ask Alexa how much energy they are using or solar they are producing, as well as the status of any device that Raycon Energy meter detects. Through this integration, the Raycon Energy Meter for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant enables even traditional, unconnected appliances to become part of the energy efficient smart homes.